Our Mission

The Berger Institute for Work, Family, and Children was established in 2001 to be a leading source of research on significant issues impacting the intersection between work and family. The Berger Institute focuses on quantitative research impacting business practices and families; supports high-quality interdisciplinary research by talented CMC professors, which will lead to publishing opportunities; provides challenging and stimulating educational experiences for CMC students from freshman year through graduation, resulting in high-quality student work and publishing opportunities; and connects the wider CMC community, including alumni and parents of students to provide practical information about significant work/family issues.

Faculty Affiliates

The Berger Institute has worked diligently to recruit an interdisciplinary group of CMC faculty affiliates who examine various topics on work and family from various disciplines including economics, psychology, history, government and literature. We promote and support our faculty affiliates and their students through summer grants and student funding. Students who work with these faculty members engage in meaningful and valuable roles.


Student research assistants work with faculty and staff on research projects assisting with literature review, data collection, data analysis, and research. Currently, our Research Assistants are working on one of two projects: exploring the work-life-career concerns of adolescents and college students, and examining developmental issues faced by Latino families and children. Research assistants often have the opportunity to write, publish, and present their own research.

Women & Leadership Alliance

The Berger Institute is part of the Women & Leadership Alliance, a joint 5-college endeavor to support and promote student programs at the Claremont Colleges that highlight issues faced by women in leadership in business, government, science, and various other professions.

Berger Institute Research Grant

This grant supports and expands the ongoing research of CMC students by helping to defray the costs of a specific, student-led project. The recipient is required to conduct research under the supervision of, or in collaboration with, a faculty member. The proposed project should reflect the student’s current research interest and may include research for the student’s senior thesis. While the topic should address contemporary social issues (broadly defined), all disciplines and research methodologies are encouraged and welcome to apply. The award amount varies according to the scope and subject of the project.

Summer Internships

The Berger Institute partners with industry and non-profit organizations to offer exciting summer internships on various topics related to work and family research and/or policy. These internships provide students with real world experience and exposure to how companies deal with and manage work/family issues among their employees.