Berger Events


Upcoming Events


9th Annual Women Leadership Workshop February 23, 2018. 11:00am – 4:30pm

WLWlogoWomen are underrepresented in leadership positions, and recent data suggest that women earned 83% of what men earned. The goal of the conference is to empower women with the skills to acknowledge, and embrace their worth! Learn evidence-based, effective skills for negotiation, as well as strategies for fostering and building strong, supportive mentoring relationships. The conference is designed for 7C college students and alumni at all stages in their professional development.

Registration is via Eventbrite. This event is sponsored by the Berger Institute, Kravis Leadership Institute, Robert Day Scholars, and the Women Leadership Alliance with generous support by Susan and Thomas Handley ‘77.

Women of Color: Power and Purpose Forum, March 3 – 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 


Women of color have made incredible strides in educational attainment and the workplace, yet continue to face unique challenges and complex barriers. The Women of Color Power and Purpose Forum focuses on actualizing your passion, and cultivating skills for asserting your presence. This event will allow you to explore ways to discuss and develop your purpose, acquire means for uplifting yourself and set transformative goals. Workshops will focus on learning tools for navigating and achieving your personal and career goals. In addition, the conference will foster opportunities for networking and mentoring from award-winning leaders and innovators.


Breaking the Glass Ceiling with Maria Klawe. March 21, 2018, 6:00pm, Location: TBA

President Maria Klawe is a renowned computer scientist, an impressive scholar, and the first woman president of Harvey Mudd College. Her CV is a list of impressive awards, distinctions and publications. She will serve as a our key note speaker. President Klawe will discuss navigating academia and business as a woman, gendered styles of communication, and the challenges of male-dominated culture.


Past Events

Speaker Luncheon: Women Breaking into Tech Lunch Panel. February 8, 2018. 11:30am – 1:00pm

The panelists, CMC graduates at various career stages, are in diverse, high-profile jobs, ranging from working in established firms to leading start-ups. Panelists will discuss a broad array of topics including: preparation for careers in tech from non-technical backgrounds, how to leverage past accomplishments and personal and professional networks to develop careers in tech, workforce and occupational trends, obstacles and challenges faced in the competitive and male-dominated culture of Silicon Valley, and approaches for problem solving, including work/life balance issues.

Registration is via CMC’s athenaeum website. Sponsored by the Berger Institute, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Women in Tech.

Speaker Luncheon: Survive to Thrive: Welcoming our Newest Neighbors and the Story of Miry’s List
Come listen to Miry Whitehill discuss her work with refugee families. Refugee families come to the United States seeking safety from violence and persecution in their home countries, often leaving behind family, friends, and virtually everything they own. Miry Whitehill, founder of Miry’s List, will talk about how, by leveraging crowdsourcing and social media, Miry’s List has built a mechanism and network of people in Southern California to help newly arrived families whose needs are not completely met by the resettlement system.

Registration is via CMC’s athenaeum website. This event is sponsored by the Berger Institute, and Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Speaker Luncheon: The Art of Negotiation

Berger Board members Mari Adams, Gigi Birchfield, and Jan Koors discussed the intricacies of negotiation, the necessity of professional confidence and effective tactics for successful negotiation.

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