The Berger Institute at Claremont McKenna College provides the intellectual and experiential home for research and programming focused on contemporary social issues. The Berger Institute produces and disseminates high quality research with implications for policy, practical applications and theory.

In particular, our central theme for research and programming in the next few years is How We Thrive. Our research will focus on understanding risk and resilience factors, while our programming will emphasize the development and cultivation of skills that are necessary for successful adaptation in a rapidly changing society. We will focus our research on individual and social factors that impact how children develop, how families thrive, and how people navigate major transitions and milestones. Examples of our work include understanding how to nurture the well- being of  individuals from wide range of social – economic and demographic background (including gender, culture, race, age), the changing nature of gender and family roles, and understanding the demographic, technological, financial, and political changes impacting our society today.

We cannot be successful without your help. The Institute operates with a faculty director, a team of students, and a volunteer advisory board.  Your contribution directly impacts our ability to create programs and experiences that can inspire students to think about these important issues. Think about these students not only on a personal level, but also how a few years from now they might carry these issues forward in corporate or governmental policy. Please know that your gift will be spent wisely on these timely—and timeless—issues.

The Berger Institute depends on contributions from individuals to support its important work. Will you please join our growing family of supporters?

Your gift of:

  • $4,000 will sponsor a student summer research fellowship or summer internship.
  • $2,500 will sponsor a student independent study project.
  • $1500 will sponsor an athenaeum speaker and luncheon.
  • $750 will sponsor a student trip to a national conference to present their independent study project or thesis.

Larger gifts will allow us to transform our research program, and impact our conferences and programming.

  • $10,000 will co-sponsor a day long workshop or support for two student managers to develop CMC centric programming.
  • $25,000 will sponsor keynote speakers, two day long conferences and workshops for students, faculty, staff and community members.
  • $50,000 will sponsor a small director led research project that will lead to opportunities for our students to engage in cutting-edge research and to presentations at local and national conferences.
  • $100,000 will sponsor a multi-year Director led research project (see above), involvement of the donor on specific research questions and approach. These projects are expected to lead to publications, public blog posts, and national and international opportunities for conference presentations by students and faculty.

1) Use our secure online gift form: Give Online Now

2) Call the College’s toll-free number: 800-GIVE-2-CMC

3) Mail your gift to:

Susan Edwards
Associate Director of Institute Relations
Claremont McKenna College
400 N. Claremont Blvd.
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 607-2343

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