Research Assistants

H Alderete2

Haley Alderete is from Chula Vista, California and is dual majoring in government and psychology with a Leadership Sequence. She is currently helping Professor Kanaya with research on the effects a second language has on children. Growing up seven miles north of the Mexican border and having a parent whose second language was English makes this a very personal and intriguing issue to her. In addition to working for the Berger Institute, she is also a Tour Guide for Admissions at CMC, an Intervarsity Bible Study Leader, and she manages the Tutoring Program at the Center for Civic Engagement, connecting college students to elementary schools and to adults in English as Second Language (ESL) tutoring.

D Anderson

Danyon Anderson is a freshman from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is interested in being an environment, economics, and politics major. His parents had him when they were 47 and 46 respectively, and his father retired when he was in fourth grade. This gives him a unique perspective on the relationship between work, family, and children because he benefited greatly from having two parents home full-time. He also runs cross country and track for CMS.

Larissa Chern

Larissa Chern was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is a sophomore dual-majoring in economics and psychology. Her favorite part about CMC is the strong sense of community among the student body. She loves traveling, spending time with friends and family, and meeting new people.

LillyBelle Deer

LillyBelle Deer is from Honolulu, Hawai’i and is majoring in psychology. She is especially interested in clinical psychology and hopes to pursue that in grad school. She is currently working on a project with Professor Kanaya on work-family balance. In addition to her work at the Berger Institute, she is a research assistant for two other professors. You can also catch her in the pool, as she is on the varsity swimming and water polo teams.

A Frausto

Alicia Frausto is a sophomore from Anaheim, California and is majoring in International Relations with a Gender Studies sequence. Her interests revolve around education, children, and women’s issues: she is a Program Coordinator for the Coalition for the Empowerment of Education, Leadership, and Independence (CEELI), a 5-college organization committed to giving children around the world an equal chance to succeed; she works as an elementary school tutor with the Center for Civic Engagement at CMC; is a Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA) sponsor; and a corps member with Jumpstart.

K Gohn

Kelsey Gohn hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is a junior majoring in economics and psychology. This past summer, she interned at the Families and Work Institute in New York City and researched parental leave policies. She currently works with Professor Kanaya on a project regarding the work-life concerns of adolescents. In her free time, she likes to travel and explore Southern California. (Spring semester only.) 

Esther Hwang

Esther Hwang is originally from Korea, but she moved and settled in Irvine, CA in 6th grade and has been enjoying the SoCal sun ever since. She is a sophomore with interests in biochemistry, psychology, and human rights. She currently works with Professor Kanaya on a project regarding the work-life concerns of adolescents. During her free time, she likes to read, embark on food adventures, and spend time with people she loves.

A Johnson

Adrienne Johnson grew up in a suburb of Seattle. A junior at CMC, she is an international relations and government major. She spent her fall semester studying abroad in Paris, France. Additionally, she spent this past summer interning at the San Francisco District Attorney’s office. She spent the previous summer doing research and data analysis for a youth-led and -run NGO in Delhi, India. She is currently working with Professor Kanaya on a project for the Families and Work Institute. In her free time she likes to run, play golf, and read. (Spring semester only.)

julia pic

Julia Keinan is a senior at CMC with a dual major in economics and international relations. She has grown up as an expatriate in seven different countries but now calls Claremont her home. This past summer, Julia worked as a Berger Institute-sponsored intern for Families and Work Institute in New York City. Through this internship, Julia completed and presented two research projects on financial productivity related to increased worker flexibility and mindfulness practices for employees.

Julie kIm 2

Julie Kim is a sophomore from South Korea majoring in History. This past summer, she conducted research for Professor Albert Park on the influence of cultural movements in contemporary Korean democracy. In addition to establishing a broad understanding of the relationship between culture and political economy, she explored the disruptive role of design in undermining existing forms of power and gender norms. In her free time, she enjoys reading historical novels, finding the best places to eat and site-see in Seoul, shopping, and learning random computer techniques online.

Angelo Liao

Huakai “Angelo” Liao is a junior majoring in psychology and economics with a Computer Science Sequence. He worked with Professor Halpern in developing the Real World Outcome scale as a tool to access the impact of Critical Thinking ability on daily performance. Right now he is working with Professor Alison Harris on understanding the underlying dynamics of how people make self-regulatory decisions at a neuron level. In his free time, he enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee or playing drum sets with musicians. (Fall semester only.)

Victor Lopez

Victor Lopez is a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois and is dual-majoring in government and legal studies. Currently, he is working with Professor Kanaya on a study that examines the developmental issues faced by Latino families and children. He is also the Director of Programs and Curriculum for Eunoia EduQuest, an organization that strives to bridge the information gap in low-income and minority students. In addition to his work with Eunoia EduQuest and the Berger Institute, Victor also enjoys playing the violin for the Claremont Concert Orchestra.

C Neumeister pic

Christian Neumeister is a senior from the Chicago suburbs, dual majoring in Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) and Middle Eastern Studies. He is currently assisting Professor Kristin Fabbe in her research on Kurdish female entrepreneurs in Iraq, which complements his academic interest minorities in the MENA. In addition to his research, he is co-President of CMC’s Mock Trial program and sings a cappella with Mood Swing.


Hannah Oh is from San Diego and is a junior at CMC majoring in Government. She is working with Professor Lynch to track the changing work culture, political shifts, and societal views towards the trend of women in the workforce. This summer, she interned for State Budget Solutions in Washington D.C. She hopes to pursue a career in public policy and/or communications after graduation.

Tyler West 2

Tyler West is a junior majoring in psychology with a leadership sequence. He hails from the east coast, having been born and raised in Boston. He is particularly interested in Developmental and Positive Psychology. He enjoys music and writing, and is currently starting up a free-form speech platform at CMC with two peers in hopes of sparking conversations and incentives to build and create.

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