Research Assistants

H Alderete2

Haley Alderete is from Chula Vista, California and is dual majoring in government and psychology with a Leadership Sequence. She is currently helping Professor Kanaya with research on the effects a second language has on children. Growing up seven miles north of the Mexican border and having a parent whose second language was English makes this a very personal and intriguing issue to her. In addition to working for the Berger Institute, she is also a Tour Guide for Admissions at CMC, an Intervarsity Bible Study Leader, and she manages the Tutoring Program at the Center for Civic Engagement, connecting college students to elementary schools and to adults in English as Second Language (ESL) tutoring.

K Gohn

Kelsey Gohn hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is a sophomore majoring in economics and psychology. As a business intelligence intern for Lancaster General Health this summer, she created several operational reports from the data generated by patient visits as well as assisted in the review the hospital’s adherence to national standards. She is currently working with Professor Kanaya on a project for Families and Work Institute. She plays on the 5C Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team.


McKenzie Javorka is a psychology and literature major from the beautiful Flathead Valley in northwest Montana. She is in her final year at CMC. Her academic interests focus on clinical psychology with an emphasis on gender violence. She spent the summer of 2012 interning at a domestic violence shelter in her hometown, and most recently spent this past summer creating a new WordPress site for the Berger Institute while assisting Professor Kanaya in her work on bilingual and monolingual children’s narratives. McKenzie is currently writing her senior empirical thesis on student perceptions of sexual assault proceedings on college campuses.

A Johnson

Adrienne Johnson grew up in a suburb outside Seattle. A sophomore at CMC, she is an international relations major with a gender and Women’s Studies Sequence. She spent this past summer doing field research and data analysis for a youth-led and run NGO in Delhi, India. She is currently working with Professor Kanaya on a project for Families and Work Institute. In her free time she likes to run, play golf, and read.

Angelo Liao

Huakai “Angelo” Liao is a sophomore at CMC, majoring in psychology and economics with a Computer Science Sequence. He has been working with Professor Halpern in analyzing the Real World Outcome scale, used to help predict one’s future success according to his/her critical thinking ability. In his free time, he plays on the Claremont Men’s Frisbee team, plays drum kits or any other percussion instrument brought from his summer in Africa, and watches tons of sitcoms in the lounge.

julia pic

Julia Keinan is a junior at CMC with a dual major in economics and international relations. She has grown up as an expatriate in seven different countries but now calls Claremont her home. This past summer, Julia  worked as a Berger Institute sponsored intern for Families and Work Institute in New York City. Through this internship, Julia completed and presented two research projects on financial productivity related to increased worker flexibility and mindfulness practices for employees. Her work for FWI continues as she is currently working on a project with Professor Kanaya for the Institute.

K McAndrews

Kyra McAndrews was born and raised in New York and is currently trying to enjoy the West Coast as a Junior, pursuing a government major at CMC. Kyra is currently working with Professor Audrey Bilger, conducting research on how Jane Austen influenced and continues to impact feminism. Kyra’s interest in Jane Austen began as a student in high school, but was fostered by William Deresiewicz’s memoir, A Jane Austen Education, which passed through the fingers of her family of four in about a week’s time, and Professor Bilger’s Literature course on Jane Austen.


Hannah Oh is from San Diego and is a sophomore at CMC majoring in government. She is working with Professor Lynch to track the changing work culture, political shifts, and societal views towards the trend of women in the workforce. This summer, she interned for the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC), where she explored the practice of mediation. She hopes to further pursue a career in this field and is currently a candidate in NCRC’s Mediator Credentialing Program.


Olivia Tay is a junior at CMC dual majoring in Economics-Accounting and psychology. She is originally from Singapore, but grew up in the Bay Area. This year at the Berger Institute, she will be working with Professor Tocoian and researching the impact the female labor force participation has had on the changes in income equality. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, taking photos, watching Suits, and spending time with friends and family.

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