Faculty Affiliates

The Berger Institute is currently supporting the following faculty in their research:


Audrey Bilger, Ph.D. – Dr. Bilger is Professor of Literature at CMC focusing on 18th-Century Humor & Satire, Early Women Writers, LGBT studies, and feminism. Her latest work examines the intertwined stories of female authorship and culture in England and America and considers the scope of Jane Austen’s influence. Her work uncovers issues that concern the role of women as professional authors, tensions and synergies between authorship and family obligations, and the subject matter of marriage and the family. This year, Professor Bilger is teaching a seminar on Jane Austen and will work with Pippa Straus ’17 on her upcoming book, The Jane Austen Guide to Feminism.

lisa kim davis

Lisa Kim Davis, Ph.D., MPH – Visiting Faculty Affiliate Dr. Davis studies the evolution of built environments and how the work of women and their households influences and is influenced by neighborhood, community, and residential characteristics. Her interdisciplinary research draws upon urban geography and gendered historical analysis. She is working on a manuscript on housing in South Korea, exploring how urban renewal, gentrification, and displacement affect families over the life course, resident organizations, architectural norms, and participatory planning, in the context of historical comparisons in the west and Asia. Another on-going project involves tracing the residences of Koreans in California in the early 1900s to show how labor imperatives, household survival strategies and residential patterns intertwine to produce urban communities.

Minju Kim

Minju Kim is Associate Professor of Korean at CMC, and her research interests include language change, discourse analysis, language and gender, and corpus linguistics. Her recent publications have appeared in Journal of Pragmatics, Discourse Studies, Studies in Language, and Korean Linguistics. She received her PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently working with Jiyeon Kim ’17 on a project that illuminates how personal, social, and institutional identities are created, re-created, and re-negotiated through seemingly subtle shifts in linguistic formality and honorific/non-honorific marking.


Frederick R. Lynch, Ph.D. – Dr. Lynch is Associate Professor of Government at CMC and specializes in workforce diversity management, organization of health care, inequality and public policy, political and social movements, juvenile delinquency and public policy. Together with his research assistant Hannah Oh ’16, he has been working on an upcoming book, The Crisis of Political Correctness: A Cultural Revolution Meets Resistance, Ridicule, and New Realities, and was awarded a $60,000 grant from the Carthage Foundation last fall.

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