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Message from the Director

In the fall, we hosted Dr. Robert Ross, President and CEO of The California Endowment, and Dr. Susan Wood, formerly of the FDA and now at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, where her work and public advocacy focuses on the use of scientific knowledge in public policy. In the spring, we featured Congressman Jason Altmire, Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Engagement at Florida Blue. Congressman Altmire spent the entire day on campus for intimate meetings with students as well as our board members before giving his talk at the Ath.

Our Social Media Representatives Danyon Anderson ’18 and Larissa Chern ’17 have been keeping our website up to date, posting relevant work-family articles daily, as well as maintaining our FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. But they also wanted to follow up on a suggestion made by our board members at our meeting in October: how can we show students and the community at large that, regardless of how busy and crazy life can get, it is possible to achieve work-family balance? If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look at our “It’s Possible…” video, which garnered great attention on CMC’s home page for almost two weeks. Our plan is to continue the series and feature not only students, but leaders (such as those of you on our board!) in various fields and disciplines as well.

The 6th annual Women & Leadership Workshop was another great success this year. Our keynote speaker was spoken word artist Azure Antoinette, “the Maya Angelou of the Millennial generation,” who encouraged students to follow their passions and strive to do what they love for a living. Berger board members Elizabeth Dean, Susan Bade Hull, Faye Sahai and Suzanne Segal attended and participated by giving their valuable advice during the round table rotations.  

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job, as both a professor of psychology as well as Director of the Berger Institute, is the chance to perform meaningful research alongside our talented students. This year, I worked with Haley Alderete ’16, Alicia Frausto ’17, and Victor Lopez ’17 on two projects: “Acculturation: Analyzing Latino Families’ Assimilation Through Their Children’s Names,” and “Mother-Child Discourse Patterns Among Latino-American Families: Task Matters!” We presented these posters together at this year’s Western Psychological Association convention in Las Vegas – a valuable experience for them not only as students, but also as future researchers and presenters.

It is truly my pleasure to be a part of these exciting projects. The Berger Institute continues to grow and thrive, and this is due in no small part to your continued and generous support.

Tomoe Kanaya
Director, Berger Institute for Work, Family and Children

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