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Huffington Post: Forget About Leaning in–More Than 40 Percent of Women Are Hanging on by a Thread

In a recent “Getting Real About Women at Work” survey, 1,000 American women were surveyed about work, career management, and well-being, revealing some startling results. 66 percent of women survey said they wanted a better career, with 60 percent of them wishing they had better opportunities. More than 70 percent of women admitted to not having a career plan, and nearly 40 percent said they are “winging it.”

When asked about work-life balance, 64 percent of women with kids (unsurprisingly) believed they can’t have it all, but 72 percent of women without kids also (surprisingly) said they couldn’t balance work and home life either. In fact, 65 percent of women said they are “just tying to get by,” and more than 40 percent of women said they are “hanging on by a thread.” The author of the study comments:

A large majority of the women polled reflect what I see in my work with thousands of professional women each year: They are exhausted, barely keeping up with the demands of work and life, which leaves the strategies required to get ahead and address the pipeline issues in our organizations as merely a passing after thought as they concern themselves with their reality: Just getting by.

So what can we do? How do women get career plans in place, look forward with energy and excitement and better manage their well-being and resiliency? Here are three strategies to start with…

To read the rest of the article, please click here.

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