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Breadwinning and Caregiving: Liza Mundy on Work and Life

This week on Work and Life, a radio show powered by The Wharton School, Liza Mundy spoke about how traditional gender roles have been neutralized and how men and women should embrace the roles that fit them best, despite social stigmas. She describes how women in the past often defined their success by the career of their husbands, but now have the opportunity to be the lead partner and earner in the relationship:

I think there’s a willingness on the part of some young men to move for the sake of their girlfriend’s career, or to put their wife through law school with the understanding that she’ll be the lead earner going forward. Those are things women have traditionally done for men, and the fact that we are in a time when some men will put their female partners’ careers first is something women should be happy about.

To continue reading the article, please click here.

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