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Wall Street Journal: For More New York Real Estate Dynasties, Daughters Hold the Future

The Wall Street Journal reports that New York City is seeing more daughters of real estate company CEOs rise to the top of their field. This is a major shift, given that New York’s real estate industry is notorious for being a male-dominated profession and for having a thick “glass ceiling.”

The finance and brokerage sides of the real-estate business have long been dominated by old-boy networks. Women have shied away from “its testosterone-filled environment,” said Ms. Tighe, who formed a mentoring group for women in real estate six years ago.

But Ms. Tighe and others believe the glass ceiling is cracking in New York faster than in other cities, due in part to its families.

“In many ways the old families have been the pace car for much of Manhattan real estate for the last 100 years,” she said in an email. “The truly familial nature of these enterprises—where real estate was discussed every day at the dinner table—should naturally foster the role of women.”

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