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Wall Street Journal: The Daddy Juggle: Work, Life, Family, and Chaos

The WSJ reports that work-life balance is no longer just an issue for working mothers, but for a growing number of fathers, too. A third of working men in 2013 had children under the age of 18, and a majority of them have shifted away from the traditional “breadwinner” role in their households. Studies show that working fathers now struggle with the same challenges their female colleagues have been facing for years:

Working against men is a stigma that those who identify themselves as active fathers are unwilling to work hard or put the company first.

A 2013 paper from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management found that colleagues regard active fathers as distracted and less dedicated to their work. At the same time, a Harvard researcher has shown that men with children earn higher salaries when their wives work less than full-time.

Taken together, the evidence suggests that men in traditional breadwinner roles are rewarded, either because of cultural assumptions or because they are able to put their jobs first, while men who act as caregivers are hurt for doing so.

To continue reading the full article, please click here.

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