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Forbes: The Best Big Companies for Work-Life Balance

On June 3rd, released a list of the current top 25 companies for work-life balance, as measured by

Juggling the demands of a career and personal life is no easy feat. In fact, maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle became especially difficult during the recession when employees were expected to do more with less–and even as things improve, the challenges persist.

Job search engine identified 25 of the biggest and brightest corporations that are going the extra mile to help employees achieve the elusive “work-life balance.”

To be considered for the list, each company had to have a minimum of 100 reviews on, and at least 1,000 employees (though most have a workforce that exceeds 10,000). This list excludes franchises, staffing firms, and government companies—but it does include international firms with over 100 jobs in the United States.

Click here to read the rest of the article and the list of companies.

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